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In the beginning, all the squishums lived on SPLATUS 4. But then, they fought over land and resources and all wanted to control the world. So the squishums left SPLATUS 4, all in search of their own planet to live on. Now you must build an empire reunite the squishums on a new planet.


squishumempire.jar 797 kB


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The game reminds me a bit of Minecraft in 2D.

But I don't understand how to build blocks that can be found?

One little problem: Do you know that the game hangs above a certain height?

The game looks good and the idea does not look bad :)

greeting X20000 :)

it is in progress, so expect glitches. building will be implemented today.

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Oh that explains it.

I will try it in a few days again :)


updated :)

Good job :)